A lot of people say it’s because it’s the most common language spoken in the world – 1.2 billion people speak it. Is that enough for you to learn it?

Maybe you’re thinking of all the money you can make from knowing this language. Or maybe you fancy a certain girl or guy that just so happens to be Chinese? Whatever the reason, it’s gotten you this far in your journey to fluency, and if you’re like me, it’s still not enough for you.

I want to learn Mandarin, not only because of those above reasons, but also because I’m of Chinese heritage, and one part of me so wants to own being Chinese.

There’s no denying that knowing more than one language is a cool thing. It brings you closer to more people. It makes you interesting. It shows how dedicated and hardworking you are – a lot of people in the world (those not from Western countries) have already mastered at least two languages. It’s an impressive feat.

Now comes the hard part: actually putting in the time, every day, to shoving it into your brain.